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Can not start VM after HA process. Data loss on vmdk file and Module VmxStats power on failed

I have 2 servers and 1 SAN storage.  On SAN, I created pool A with SSD for SAP and ERP VMs. on pool B, I created volume HDD for Vcenter and File-Server-AD.

Yesterday, I test failover with HA function of vCenter by un-plug FC port on server 1 (all VM running server1). After that, only vCenter and File-Server is move to server 2 and start. 2 VM SAP and ERP can not move to host2.

I plug FC port again and on server1 two VMs is available. But when start manual 2 VM again, I can not start. Please see picture below.

SAP VM lost data on vmdk, but when start vcenter notify can not find vmdk file on volume. I see file vmdk in volume but it 0kb data.

With ERP server, I start and vcenter notify Module VmxStats power on failed. 

I restore backup but I want to root cause for this case. Please help me.



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