VmWare posibilities (remote lan, usb, serial)

VmWare posibilities (remote lan, usb, serial)


I'm familliar with Wmware Workstation but not with all other softwares from WmWare suite. So, could you give me some advices about points below:

I work in automation industry.

We have a lot a VmWare virtual machines (different OS with different software). Most software need to communicate with devices (PLC) by USB, Serial or Ethernet connection

Each developer need a development station with VmWare workstation/player software to connect to the devices.

Each development station requires to have all implemented virtual machine on it --> require lot of memory, difficulties with licences, maintainability issue,...

Is there a way to :

- Hold all these virtual machines on server and access them remotely (by wifi)

- Automatically Instantiate virtual machines if multiple need to use  simultaneous same virtual machines?

- Manage licences on virtual machines?

- Use remote client ports (usb, serial, ethernet) as virtual machine ports

Thanks a lot for your advice.

best regards.


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