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vRA 8.6.2 Migration with DFW Integration

We are using vRA service broker to give users the ability to provision their own VMs and they can also provision their own DFW rules in the VM deployment form. We need to keep this operating model and use vRA with NSX in VCF4.4. The problem here is that VMs deployed with vRA in VCF3.11 are tied to the vCenter in that system which will be decommissioned. Our initial thought was to deploy a new vRA instance for VCF4.4 , but VMs deployed in VCF3.11 are still associated with that vCenter. So what I did was associate the VCF4.4 system with our existing vRA setup. So new VMs can be provisioned directly into VCF4.4 and users can still manage their VMs in VCF3.11 until we migrate them over. The issue here is moving VMs between vCenters. I can import the VMs into a new project that is associated with the new vCenter, the problem here is that the Firewall configurations are missing. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts around this. I understand that this is a complex topic, and I am more than happy to have a discussion around this to go into detail.

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