vRA 7.6 - Calculated custom property for each instance in a deployment


Does anyone know if it's possible for each instance in a blueprint deployment to have it's own calculated custom property?  The task in hand is to extend my existing custom naming workflow which currently creates a prefix, determines next available unique number etc to create the vm name, and allow the creation of clusters with a cluster naming workflow, where once the next available unique number is found, a postfix is added for each instance in the deployment, ie prefix-1001A, prefix-1001B, prefix-1001C, prefix-1001D. 

I'm thinking if the postfix can be calculated on the custom form and available in the payload when VMPSMasterWorflow32.Requested fires for each instance, it should be straightforward to then add the postfix during the naming workflow. First instance custom prop = A, second Instance custom prop = B etc.

It's a lot easier in vRA8.x where the naming workflow only needs to run once to find names for all instances and return them back in an array (resourceNames), but I'm stuck on 7.6 for a while. 


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