remove last snapshot from command line


Is there any way to remove last snapshot ( merge last snapshot into VM without powering off VM) using command line in ESX 4? (I don't want to remove all snapshots using vmware-cmd removesnapshots).



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If you want to do this via the classic ESX Service Console, you can take a look into vimsh for your snapshot operation:

[root@himalaya ~]# vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/snapshot.remove
Insufficient arguments.
Usage: snapshot.remove vmid [removeChildren] [snapshotLevel] [snapshotIndex]

Remove a snapshot on the vm.

I forget offhand which way the index level grows, you may want to do some testing but I think you just need to modify the last param snapshotIndex and it'll either start 0 and grow or the opposite value.

A more elegant solution is to use the vSphere SDK/VI SDK which allows you to just remove a particular snapshot by name RemoveSnapshot_Task() but this will require you to run a script outside of the ESX Service Console on either a Windows/Linux or on vMA


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