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ovftool question

Hi Folks,

I am trying to use ovftool to convert a vmware image (consists of .vmx, .vmdk files) to ovf package, then convert ovf package back to vmware image. I was expecting that the result vmware image shall be identical or very similar to the original vmware image. However, it is not the case. Not only the result vmware image (especially the .vmx file) not the same as the original .vmx file; it failed when the result vmware image is used to clone VM instance. BTW, I was able to use the original vmware image to clone a VM.

The ovftool commands I used are very basic, such as:

# ovftool testvm.vmx myovf/myovf.ovf

# ovftool myovf.ovf resultvm.vmx

Did you see this problem before? or am I missing something?

I am using ovftool version 3.5.2



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