having only "linux OS" with the hostname


I would have something like that as out:

VM1 redhat

VM2 ubuntu

VM3 windows


Can you give me the script to have a such out on my screen ?

Can I also have only REdhat for ie ?

Thx very much

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Community Manager

In the future, you may want to be more descriptive in the request than "just give me a script" ....

There's a lot more than just a script, what language are you looking for? Where you do plan on running this script?

I'll throw out an potentially solution as this is a very generic request.

Here is a vSphere SDK for Perl implementation which retrieves all VMs connected to either a vCenter server or ESX/ESXi host and prints out the VM shell name, the hostname if known and the OS type. You will need to use either the vCLI for Linux or Windows or use vMA.

Here's an example output:

[vi-admin@scofield ]$ ./getVM.pl --server esxi4-1.primp-industries.com --username root
vs-manager    vs-manager.primp-industries.com      Other 2.6x Linux (32-bit)
vShieldB        vshieldb.primp-industries.com        Other 2.6x Linux (32-bit)

If you're knew to VMware SDK/APIs, you'll want to spend some time going over this document before starting -

If you're interested in getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl, here is a good post that provides some steps with lots of sample code - http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2010/05/getting-started-with-vsphere-sdk-for.html


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