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VRO Connect ISO from Conent Libary to VM

HI all,

so Im trying to connect a ISO from Conent Libary to a VM. I have that halfway...and its "working" but its not very clean.




    var client = VAPIEndpoint.client();  
    var clib = new com_vmware_content_library(client); 
        var itemSvc = new com_vmware_content_library_item(client);
        for each(var clibrary in clib.list()){
            var items = itemSvc.list(clibrary); 
            for each(item in items) {
                var results = itemSvc.get(item); 
                System.log("name :";
                System.log("Libary :" +clib.get(results.library_id).name);


This is the Code cuming back from com_vmware_content_library_item


{creation_time=Mon Aug 02 03:03:34 GMT 2021,
 last_modified_time=Mon Aug 02 03:03:46 GMT 2021, last_sync_time=java.lang.Object@57c220df, description=, type=iso,
version=1, content_version=2,
size=52328448, cached=true,name=DamnSmallLinux,




you can now mount the ISO by simple using the path. I still need to know the "Disk"where the libary is...

["disk" ] contentlib-[library_id]\[id]\DamnSmallLinux_0ff36c95-e4fa-461e-bf52-e06e79d7c75e.iso

My problems:

  • can't find the DISK that the library is connected to.
  • I cant find the full name of the new Image. ATM I need to go into the Datastore and search for the only content in that Directory.
    (see the new name DamnSmallLinux_0ff36c95-e4fa-461e-bf52-e06e79d7c75e.iso)
  • there must be a way to fully connect the VM using Content library in vRO.
  • is there a VAPI that connects a CDROM?

thanks Guys

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