Problem getting vSphere CLI 4.0 installed on Ubuntu 9.04?


I'm in process of rolling out an ESXi server, abut I'm having some issues getting the remote administration tools installed in order to manage it. I've installed the vSphere 4.0 CLI tools onto the Ubuntu server, but when I attempt to run a vihostudpate I get the error:

Error connecting to server at 'https://localhost/sdk/webService': Connection refused

So I'm assuming that vSphere's CLI expect the vSphere SDK and an SSL secured Apache instance to be installed on my client as well? Is there a simpler way to apply updates and patches to ESXi, that don't incur additional cost?

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Community Manager

It appears that your syntax for using vihostupdate is incorrect due to the error. Can you please provide the exact command you're using on the vCLI system... I don't think you mean to connect to 'localhost' as your ESXi host.

Here's an example of what params you should be passing to that command:


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