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How to configure for Guest OS RH 8.6 template for OsCUSTOMIZATION scripts


I'm trying to deploy some RHEL 8.6 using OsCustomization Script. My Platform is a VsPhere 7.0 and my Guest OS already has latest Open-vm-tools, Perl and also cloud-init.

Scripting is done in PowerCli, and was working without troubles when I run on previous versions of VsPhere 6.5

My purpose is customize  the deploy of new VM with some basic settings, like 'hostname', and set it with a fixed IP Address.

First I've tried with:

Many blogs suggests the usage of the following settings

I've tried with the option "disable_vmware_customization: false"  into cloud.cfg configuration, but in my case nothing happened, hostname were not set, and IP address was not configured. 

Also tested configuring vm tools with "vmware-toolbox-cmd config set deployPkg enable-custom-scripts true" without success.


Mi second approach to the problem was using a different cloud-init settings

This time I've set "disable_vmware_customization: true" and I've also  had to configure network: config:disabled to avoid that the ipAddress were removed after first reboot. 

Whit these basic settings seems that is working as I want, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to do or configure our new RHel machines. Or if some other configuration settings are required.


How should I configure Linux Guest OS to allow the usage of OsCustomization scripts? What is the right way to configure Guest OS to use CustomizationScripts?

Thanks in adance




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