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Datastore Cluster via REST API

Hi all,

I hope I'm posting this in correct group, my question is related to the OVF (VM) image deployment via REST API (initiated via ServiceNow Integration Hub), and that works all fine, only one thing still bothers me, as VMware team always saying I should use the Data Store Cluster, instead of individual datastore. As I can see, that is available via ansible:

Name of the datastore to store deployed VM and disk.
added in 1.9.0 of community.vmware
Name of the datastore cluster housing a datastore to store deployed VM and disk.
If datastore is not specified, the recommended datastore from this cluster will be used.


but this is still (at least it seems to be so) NOT available via REST API https://developer.vmware.com/apis/vsphere-automation/latest/vcenter/api/vcenter/ovf/library-item/ovf... 

where storage mappings looks like:

"storage_mappings": {
    "key":  {
        "datastore_id": "string",
        "provisioning": "thin",
        "storage_profile_id": "string",
        "type": "DATASTORE"

so it is still only specific datastore ("datastore_id": "string",) possible to use, instead of a datastore cluster.
Is there a road map or anything simillar where it can be checked if VMware REST API Team are gonna implement this in near future?

Thanks in advance,



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