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Clone SQL DB for test environment

I have an SQL server running an application.  We also have a test environment SQL server, and every so often, we copy the database from live to test to test new things.  Currently, we have 2 SQL databases (live and test), and 2 web applications (live and test).  I'd like to consolidate the SQL servers down to 1, while still keeping the 2 web application servers.  Ultimately, I'd like to have the live DB/Log on a set of vmdks, and the test DB/Log on a set of vmdks that were cloned from live, instead of copied.

I would like to find a way to run a script that will clone the DB/Log vmdks, mount the new cloned drives, and mount the SQL database from the cloned drives as DBName_Test.  Our test web application server would then be set to point to DBName_Test.

My environment consists of a 6-host vSAN, so it's a vSAN datastore (no 3rd party SAN).  Also, due to the vsansparse file system, I'm not worried about keeping the snapshot around for a while.


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