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Ansible AWX inventory based on vmware cluster

I have an inventory based on guest OS from VMWare, but i also want to separate by cluster. But i cant see that guest is cluster aware, and has no properties with cluster name.

My goal is to use ansible to make affinity rule with all windows servers in a cluster, and run this on a schedule via AWX.

I have not found a way to this yet.

This gives me all VMs with Windows OS in vcenter.

validate_certs: false
- guest.guestState
- guest.guestFamily
- guest.guestFullName
- guest.net
- config.name
- guest.guestFamily == "windowsGuest"

I was trying to use guest.net as a properties, as the result in "network" has the cluster name as a part of the name. Using some kind of wildcard. But there may be a much quicker way to the goal here?

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