User Roles and priviledges

Hello Guys,

I have deployed vRNI and I wanted to add vCenter Data source.

I created a user who has this priviledges;

  • System.Anonymous
  • System.Read
  • System.View
  • Distributed Switch: Modify
  • dvPort group: Modify
  • Global.Settings

So i added a permission to a specific cluster and propagated it to the children.

An error message appears when I want to connect vRNI to the vCenter: Insufficient priviledges.

NB: I want vRNI to collect the flow of a specific cluster.

Thanks for your help.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This usually happens when the required permissions are missing. From the message I can see you assigned the reqd permission but still throws an error.

Please look at the vRNI Collector logs to get a clue.

1. Log in to vRNI Collector as a "Support" user

2. Type "ub" and hit enter

3. less logs/collector/latest.log


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