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Log Insight User login

I have configured an AD Group with appropriate rights and configured AD integration.

For most users, the they can login, logout, login, no issues.... However, for one user, he can only login once.  Second time, doesn't work.

Not sure what is wrong with this one particular account, if I go into Access Control and delete the user, he is able to login again but just the first time.

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I had seen this issue and reported it in the last release 6 months ago but it got closed as unable to duplicate, since we did not see this in any other environment. Can you please attach a support bundle? So we can look into this further? In the meantime can  you try the cassandra flush and repair . I suspect there is some database entry for that user that is either not created properly or there is a duplicate one somehow.

To flush and repair follow these commands -

  1. Set the CASSANDRA_CONF environment variable by running this command:

    export CASSANDRA_CONF=/storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/config

  2. Switch the current working directory by running this command:

    cd /usr/lib/loginsight/application/lib/apache-cassandra-*/bin
  3. Flush the commit log to on-disk tables by running this command:

    ./nodetool flush

  4. Repair inconsistencies across all replicas by running this command:

    ./nodetool repair

Hope this helps.

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