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vROps Endpoint Agent - Monitoring Websphere

Hi All,

Thought I'd ask in here anyway as we've got a support case open with VMware.

We have EP Ops agents deployed and are trying to monitor Websphere v8.5. We've used the python script as found on solutions exchange, but cannot get the metrics to appear in the console.

Does anyone have any step by step instructions for configuring this? We've been using the Hyperic notes from various web links:

1. Amended the /opt/vmware/epops-agent/conf/agent.properties file to include -


2. Set the following in /etc/default/epops-agent

export EPOPS_AGENT_HOME=/opt/vmware

export HQ_JAVA_HOME=/data/WebSphere/AppServer/java

export JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.util.prefs.systemRoot=/home/user/.java  Djava.util.prefs.userRoot=/home/epops/.java/.userPrefs"

3. Downloaded the IBM Java Cryptography Extensions for IBM Java 1.7 - and copied the "local_policy.jar" and "US_export_policy.jar" into /data/WebSphere/AppServer/java/jre/lib/security

4. Restarted the agent

The majority of the GUI configuration appears to auto-detect (install path etc) but we are still faced with Object-down alerts.

If anyone else has faced the same problem any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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