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vROPS 6.1/2 - Export All Dashboards

Hello and thanks in advance!

So, little background on the question(s) to be shown below - we are setting up customized, limited access for our business groups to have access into vROPs for application monitoring. That being said, we want the end user to be able to build their own dashboards. I have this working as we would like, but I can't seem to figure out how to limit the dashboard sharing function so that a group member can only see/share custom dashboards to their own group(s), currently with dash sharing enabled, they see all groups in the system (fyi - they aren't 'admins' - it's a customized role I built).

I believe this is just the design of the product, and I believe we may be attempting to use this product in a manner it wasn't 100% designed for, but here I am....

I'm trying to figure out a good way to perform any of the following for both protecting the users from themselves, as well as creating an automated way to create/keep a dash repository, so does anyone happen to know and info OR if any of the following items are possible:

  • The location(s) where all user created dashboards exist (We have the vROPS 6.2 Linux Appliance deployed in a master/data node format)


  • A way to pull the user names and their dashboard names out of a file or postgresDB on the appliance so that I can use the ops-cli command to run a script and export all the dashes?

I have been successfully able to use the ops-cli tool to export a dash created by my test user, but the piece of information that would be missing for automation would be all the dashboard names. It's my understanding that even the system admin account can only see dashboards that have been shared with it, there seems to be no MASTER view that shows all dashboards, regardless of users.

Thank you so much!

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