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Hi Guys,

This is my first post in this group so be kind!  I have a small ESXi enviroment running 4.0 (on hosts and vCenter) and I have a few questions.

1.  Can i upgrade vCenter directly to 4.1.1 and if so could someone advise on the best method?

2.  Using UpdateManager can the hosts be brought up to 4.1.1?

3.  Can vCenter 4.0 support hosts running ESXi 4.1.1 (I suspect the answer is no to this one)?

Thanks guys.

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what is the OS version of Vcenter ? If it is 32-bit then you need to create a new Server with 64-bit OS and use DataMigration tool to upgrade the VCenter to 4.1. If your VC is in 64-bit then it is a simple upgrade.

Kindly folow the steps provided in vshpere 4.1 upgrade guide....

Below links and Datamigration tool video also help you to upgrade the VC 4.1

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