server specification recommendation & comments

I apologize in advance this went to the vcenter server operations instead of the right community (search didn't give me any other options)

I am going to purchase either an HP or Dell system, below are the specifications and what we are planning to do:

Dell specification:

PowerEdge R710

Intel Xeon X5650, 2.66 Ghz, 12M cache, turbo, HT 1333MHz Max Mem

Intel Xeon X5650, 2.66 Ghz, 12M cache, turbo, HT 1333MHz Max Mem

48 GB Memory (12x4 GB) 1333MHz Dual Ranked LV RDimms for 2 Procs

I have the windows OS and VMware essentials plus already

Dont need a PERC controller (booting from USB to the SAN)

Redundant 870W power supply

3x Broadcom 5709 Dual Port 16 GbE NIC w/TOE PCIe-4

Ready Rails


Dual Two-Port embedded broadcom netxtreme II 5709 gigabit ethernet NIC

power saving bios setting

Riser with 2 PCIe x8 + 2 PCIe x4 slot

1.  What would the HP equivalent be?

2.  Is the total memory 48 GBs or is it 96 GB combined?

3.  8 NICs total correct

HP specification:

DL 380 G7 High Performance Server

2 six-core Intel Xeon Processors X5690 (3.46 GHz, 12M L3 Cache 130 Watts)

HP 36 GB PC3-10600R 9x4GB 1 Rank Memory

HP 36 GB PC3-10600R 9x4GB 1 Rank Memory

HP P410i/1GB Flash Backed Cache

HP slim sata dvd

(2) embedded HP NC382i Dual Port Multifuntion gigabit server adapter

HP NC364T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit server adapter - low profile

Redundant 750 W CS HE hot-plug power supplies

HP 4GB SDHC Flash media kit

HP TPM module kit

HP Care Pack, 5 yr, 4 hr, 24x7

1.  Is the total memory 36 GBs or is it 72 GB combined?

2.  6 NICs total, do you recommend VMs be on their own seperate NIC?  Is the quad port adapter just as good as a seperate NIC?

3.  I plan on buying 3 of these servers --is the standard warranty enough, or would you purchase a care pack (based on your experience)

4. Is the X5690 processor overkill, fellow technician stated it was?

These 3 servers either dell or hp will be esxi 4.1 hosts with:

- 13 guests distributed amongst them

-  30 vmware view clients (depending if memory is still available)

- an EMC VNXe 3300 SAN

- the IOPS has been considered

- bootstorms has been considered

- using iSCSI

- network is good 2 go (10 GB links)

What else would I be missing, or forgot to consider?  Do I need to increase the memory?  Am I smoking crack? Should the VDI environment be seperate from the server environment? (Still testing this in the lab)  Thanks in advance for looking at this?  -n00b-

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