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delay in exposing new found items via API

Is there a delay in exposing newly discovered items in the API compared to what you see in the GUI?

In my case I add a host to vcenter, do some configuration with a script and reboot it. I notice vROPS detects the host pretty quickly and I can see it in the inventory explorer. When I send the following API request to find the ID I get no results:


It might take a few minutes before the API will return the id.

My issue is I don't want vrops to alert when the host is rebooting. I can't put the host into maintenance mode in vrops because I can't find the ID of the newly added object even though i see it in the GUI. Right now it's dumb luck as to whether or not the host will trigger an alert or it comes back online in vcenter before vrops notices.

Is there anything I can to find the host or ensure it gets detected and put into maintenance mode right away?

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