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VROPS 8.6 and changing the parentvc variable to reflect the FQDNname of the VC

Is it possible to change a metric Parentvc that is used to gather the name of a virtual center when looking at ESX hosts, CLuster and VM's to use the FQDN name of a virtual center in views or reports.

For example the vcenter adapter pulls back virtual center adapter name for the VC and uses that for the PARENTVC metric I think. To list where the esx host,cluster or vm sits.  Can i add a property to the parent vcenter metric to pull the FQDN name of a virtual center versus the adapter name?

I'm trying to avoid vsphere tagging or custom attributes for over 350+clusters and 29+ virtual vcenters

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I don't think so. They only way around this is by adding the vCenter FQDN as a property using the API.

This script should help you getting started:


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