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I'd like to create an alert in which I check if a cluster has HA enabled or not and based on a tag telling me this cluster should or shouldnot have HA enabled, I would like to receive an alert.

So on my cluster I created a tag category named "HALevel" which can have tags "HA Inactief" or "HA actief". On a testing cluster I added the tag "HA Inactief". The cluster also has another tag for some other purpose named "Non-SPLA". 



When in vROPs I create a new alert, base object type= "Cluster Compute Resource". On the symptoms/conditions page I first search for the condition -> properties -> Summary -> vSphere Tag and drag it into the conditions box. Set it to "equals" and then I can only select the following tags:



Notice how the "HALevel - HA inactief" has brackets around it that also include "LicentievormCL-niet-SPLA". why can't I select only "HALevel - HA inactief"? Am I missing something?
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Just remove LicentievormCL-niet-SPLA and put only <HALevel - HA inactief> in the field. 




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