Need details of functionality of different buttons available on Alert-Overview page of vCOps Adapter dashboard.


In the Adapter dashboard, we have 'ALERT-Widget’ and ‘ALERT OVERVIEW’ page. This page is having few buttons to do some actions on the alerts (fault).

We require some details about the few of the buttons and their functionality. We have tried with “Open Alert” and “Perform Multi-Select Interaction” button.

We had followed the instruction as per the guide (, but there is effect on the list of fault after operating on these buttons.

Please find the attached screen-shots.

Kindly provide the functionality details of these buttons.


Saurabh Agarwal

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The multi selection will only apply to initiating an interaction you've defined for that widget in the dashboard. It'll pass multiple resources to a receiving widget.

The Alerts Overview section in the Custom UI v5.8.x does have an "open alert" button, which filters the list of alerts by those of status "open". This is a user alert control state, and would apply if you're using the user controls such as "assign", "suppress", etc. Not many people use this today.

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