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Make a dashboard based on vsphere tags

Hi all,

I would like to create a simple dashboard for my manager to show several basic parameter of our VI infrastructure.

Thankfully to VMignite.com (he did a dashboard like that), i would like to add some metrics based on my vsphere cluster.

A VM is made of 5 different tags :

- location

- environnement

- application


When i create the view that i will use in dashboard, i don't know how to deal with the string that is generated by vrops when reading the tag.

Let me explain.

This is what is seen :


How to create a view that will be able to read only Environnement value and display them in a distribution view ?

By default, i have a distribution view with all the string. Each string is unique, so i have a distribution view that doesn't fit to one particular tag.

I hope you understand what i mean.

Thanks for your help

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I'm looking for the same solution for tags. This seriously needs some added functionality in vROps to be usable!

In the meantime, I'm instead using vSphere "custom attributes" and they show as "custom tags" instead of "vSphere tags".

Summary|Custom Tag:Your Custom Attribute Name Here|Value

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