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How does everyone configure/use there notifications for email alerts?

This is more of a "How is everyone else" doing it type of thing, so please, join in the conversation!

I want to reach out to everyone to see how people are making use of the email notifications

  • Do you create certain rules that pertain to a single group of IT folks?
  • Do you have paging for alerts of a certain type or threshold?
  • How do you create you notification rules? (Do you trigger by Alert Type, Impact or specific definitions?)
  • Do you configure custom email notifications on your rules?

To start this off, some explanation is in order. My team is charged with the monitoring and maintenance of the hosting infrastructure. We aren't so concerned with the VM's directly, as they are the responsiblity of the server owners. That said, I have configured a few rules as such:

Rule 1 - Prod Infrastructure - This rule covers our prod vcenter and it's targeted at only the Datacenter, Host System, vCenter Server, Cluster Compute and vDS Switch and Portgroups. It's trigger is set based on alert type and has Virtualization/Hypervisor (Avail, Perf, Config), Hardware(OSI) (Avail), and Network (Avail, Perf, Config) selected. The idea behind this rule was to send an alert to the team if any included alarms of the warning or immediate critical came into effect.

Rule 2 is exactly the same, except this one is used for paging our on-call team member if any of the alerts fire and the criticality is Critical/Fatal.

Like I said, I want to see what the community does, I'm looking for ideas to improve within my environment, and I'm sure others are too!

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