Cluster Risk assumptions

Quick question:

Is the assumption that if we lose 1 host, then the cluster would be overwhelmed?  This is from the vSphere DRS Cluster Settings Dashboard/ & View in vROps 6.4

I have a cluster with 3 hosts:

CPU Workload %

ESXi1:  43

ESXi2: 66

ESXi3: 53


Memory Workload %

ESXi1: 28

ESXi2: 34

ESXi3: 21

However, the CPU % workload says 100%.  

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This is a big assumption as the data below is from a DRS dashboard. There are so many variables that you would need to take into account to know if HA will perform

  1. What is you HA set to
  2. Depending on point one. Do you have any CPU and memory reservations (this will effect slot size depending on what the HA settings are)
  3. Have you create any artificial slot sizes.
  4. etc

To date as far as i am aware there is not HA specific dashboard that says yes you are fine.

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