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Cluster CPU Recommended Size

Hi team, I can see an (apparently) unaccountable growth in CPU Demand Recommended Size.

If I see Capacity Remaining for a specific cluster, the CPU Configured is 460.27 GHz, total buffer is 20% so Usable Capacity is 372.82 GHz. Demand Peak Value is 496.79 Ghz, the case is that Recommended Size is up to 1,012.01 GHz (200% of peak value).

I can see that there was a significant growth of CPU/Demand/Recommended Size(Cores) from one day to another but there was no real CPU Demand growth in that cluster, so what can make that Recommended Size change so drastically?

There are no Projects that could be affecting calculations.

I've checked other environments and found that is not uncommon that Recommended Size doubles Demand Peak Value.

Any idea?



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Your cpu peaks are throwing off your recommended #s. You did have a spike (peak) in there around the time of the recommendation changing. Give us a view of your Cluster Compute Resource's active policy to have some insight... specifically the capacity remaining and stress sections, fully expanded. Thanks

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