vRA 8.x : Make vRO workflows available for Extensibility Subscriptions

After I have created a new vRO workflow I want to select it in a new Extensibility Subscription.
For some reason, the workflow is not listed. After a long time when I check again, it is selectable.

I recall having heard that there is some sync between vRO and vRA at that point.
But I don't remember how that works and if there is any way to 'force' that, so that I don't have to wait too long.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I believe that vRA syncs with vRO every ten minutes (Infrastructure -> Integrations -> vRealize Orchestrator).  I think that is the same schedule that the extensibility section updates its workflows too. 

Although, we have had to wait maybe 2 sync cycles in the past.  And sometimes having to increase workflow versions before they are available for subscriptions.  So maybe it's a different sync cycle, or maybe there's additional processing that needs to happen before they are known to subscriptions....or maybe there are (have been) some bugs in the process.

Thanks @emacintosh , I found that it not only takes 10-20 minutes, I also found that I was unable to find my workflow by name since I had a double space hidden in the name... 🤔

Next time, I'll try the sync by clicking the "START DATA COLLECTION"  button under the embedded-vRO. (tried that before, but I was fooled by those double spaces)

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