vRA 8 update tracked IP Addresses without writing external IPAM provider integration?

I'm hoping there is some way to update the IP addresses that are being tracked without needing to write a full blown external IPAM integration.  We use Bluecat as our IPAM and I have extensibility tasks working just fine to grab an ip address but it doesn't show up as a tracked ip.  I'm passing the addresses array out when the workflow runs but it doesn't show up as tracked and I don't see an api call I can make to create the record and link it all up.  I was hoping when I passed this information out and having the assignment set to static in the cloud template I would achieve what I'm looking for.  For a bunch of reasons I'd prefer not to have vRA as the assigner of addresses.  I can of course let it set the address the update the external provider to match but I'm really hoping I can avoid this scenario.

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