vRA 8.8 Deployment Create Approval - Hanging at Checking Approval

We never ran into this in our DEV environment so wondering if this is due to the number of Projects we have in PROD and if this is going to be an issue as we go live with our users.

Anyone else have a deployment create just sit at Checking Approval "Checking for any approval policies"?

There is one policy that would be found which is scoped to all projects Except 2 (there are 70 project). The parameters for the policy are pretty simple with resources having over a set size for compute and storage. The gap between APPROVAL_IN_PROGRESS and APPROVAL_FINISHED for other requests with the same inputs is only a few seconds. 

So far it has only happened once this getting stuck and luckily with a team member not one of our users. Just looking to see if anyone has had any issues with policies before we start to have lots of users.

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