vRA 8.8 - Create DIsk vRO Workflow

We have a requirement to use a Custom Action instead of the Out of the Box Add Disk action in Service Broker. While the user selecting the SCSI and Unit Number are fine they should not have the ability to uncheck Use VM Folder, see the Encrypted and Persistent checkboxes, nor will they know which constraint tag(s) to use.

I see that there is now a Create Disk vRO action (vRealize Automation 8.x and Cloud Services > Infrastructure > Disks > Create Disk) described as 'Create a block device synchronously.'. Would a copy of this with a customized Input Form be what we are looking for? That workflow only takes Deployment ID as an input so presuming if this is on the right track it would need to also call Attach Machine Disk (vRealize Automation 8.x and Cloud Services > Infrastructure > Machines > Disks > Attach Machine Disk)? 

We are coming from vRA 7.6 so are used to the disk operations being much simpler. 

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