vRA 8.6 - Ansible Tower - Inventory Placement or osType Windows methods?

For Ansible Open Source, there are Ansible resource properties for 'what group' to add a hostname to, or to run a playbook via WinRM by specifying the osType parameter as 'Windows'.

Ansible Tower (AWX in our case) does not support either of these properties.

It appears that new hostnames just get slapped on the end of the inventory file, with no way to say "Put this in the Windows group", and then in the inventory file specify that Windows group that those hostnames run as WinRM, not SSH.  Is there a way to denote WHERE in an inventory file the hostname is added?  Is there a parameter to specify what protocol to use for a host in a template?

One workaround I thought of was specifying different inventory files for Linux vs Windows deployments, but this seems like it should be an unnecessary complication.

Edit:  Nope, inventoryFile is also an Ansible open source only parameter.  Does anyone configure both Linux and Windows with Ansible Tower, because I can't find an example of this anywhere in the wild yet...

Edit 2: AWX vs Open Source is an adventure - you can assign different inventory files to templates, and when you call the template in YAML, it therefore knows which inventory file to use.  So, separate inventory files looks like it IS the answer, just with the configuration of that on the AWX side in Templates, nothing on the vRA side.

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