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vRA 8.10.0: Delete orphaned resources

I'm create Workflow for Add (Cloud.vSphere.Machine.Add.Disk) and Remove Disk (Cloud.vSphere.Machine.Remove.Disk) on vSphere over Rest API-Call. 

Now I create a mistake (for testing) and i delete a Disk directly in vSphere. Now i have a Resource that is missing and i can't delete. All Menue is grayes out. It's there a way to delete that?

I try some Rest-Api Call, but he says "Action is not supported based on the current state. Reason: Validation Failure".  

Greatings Dany

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can remove this by below 
Use day 2 action named update deployment , go to next where plans runs and Click on cancel then

Note: we do not need to click on submit for update deployment task.