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vCAC 6.1 tenant related workflows not working (Default vCAC host issue?)

Since upgrading to vCAC 6.1, there are now two distinct vCAC hosts added when running the "Add a vCAC host".  One host will be called "Default [https://<host>][vsphere.local]", and the other will be called <host>[https://<host>][vsphere.local].

Each of the hosts will have some of the inventory, the "Default" host will have the tenants, while the <host> host will have most of the other information.

For our vCAC service blueprints, workflows that depend on looking up the tenant and then performing a tenant related blueprint operation now fail, as the tenant returns no blueprint, aka the vCAC service blueprint is attached to the wrong host or the various queries are returning empty results.

What is the purpose of the "Default" host that's popping up?

Is there a recommended method for 6.1 that allows our workflows to find the tenant and perform various vCAC operations?

More info will be added as we investigate.

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