VRA/VRO 8.5 - Update deployment with custom resource - cannot read updated CR properties in workflo

I have an issue to get updated Custom Resource properties, update deployment will successfully update the deployment (the Update Wrapper Workflow is completed successfully, but it is doing with “old” parameters that he find in InputObject (DynamicType).

Below is explanation what I’m trying to do:

I have created a custom resource with three input properties and I want to use as well “update” Lifecycle Action. (Day-2 operations are not usable in my case).



Problem is that during update, the InputObject (DynamicType) has only original parameters that have been set during create and I’m not able to find a way how to read updated parameters.

Below is what I have in blueprint during Initial deployment and what I have in updated deployment.




The update is possible to deploy, but the parameters remain the same as that have been used during "create" and it is not taking into account anything what I have changed in cloud template. It has noticed the change, as it is starting the update for the CR, but it is doing it with “old” parameters.

This is how the “successful” update looks in VRA:


And this is what I read in Workflow in VRO:




(those parameters are "OLD" ones.)

These are input/outputs for my Update Wrapper (workflow attached to update lifecycle action in CR definition):


I think that I’m missing something or doing something wrong.

Do anybody has experience with deployment update for cloud template with custom resource?

Thank you, 


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