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VRA 7 endpoint data collection getting Failed for vSphere

We are using VRA 7.2 and we have added the vSphere 6.5 as an endpoint. It working good and after making some changed in the vCenter and trying to do data collection and now its getting failed with the following error.

DC: e3ac90ce-b263-44ff-9fe1-208101713245: inventory: VRA server name: Demo DEV: Received failed data collection response, StatusID = abc92b99-d622-40b9-aed1-58ae0f6a6dae : One or more errors occurred.

Error processing [inventory], error details:

One or more errors occurred.

Inner Exception: Required property obj is missing from data object of type ObjectSpec while parsing serialized DataObject of type vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.ObjectSpec at line 1, column 673 while parsing property "objectSet" of static type ArrayOfObjectSpec while parsing serialized DataObject of type vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.FilterSpec at line 1, column 313 while parsing call information for method RetrieveProperties at line 1, column 218 while parsing SOAP body at line 1, column 207 while parsing SOAP envelope at line 1, column 38 while parsing HTTP request for method retrieveContents on object of type vmodl.query.PropertyCollector at line 1, column 0

Any idea how to fix this issue?

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