VCAC 6.1 - Tabs missing, only Home and Inbox displaying

I've a user who can only see 2 tabs ... Home and Inbox .... after I made a change to the Entitlement that his Business Group is a member of.

I added a Service to the Items & Approvals section of the Entitlements for the Business Group that he is a member off, I also changed a couple of the Entitled Actions.

After I made the change he logged back into VCAC and could only see the Home and Inbox tabs.   I've checked with other users in the same Business Group and they are seeing all the tabs as expected, they are also seeing the new Service in the Catalog tab.

I've had him clear cahce, try different browsers and reboot his laptop .... no joy.  I've reversed the change I made, still no joy.  It only effects him, other users are seeing everything as expected.

Anyone seen anything like this before ?

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