Use Composite type to create Custom resources vRealize 8.3


Is it possible to use Custom Resources based in Composite type in vRealize 8.3 templates? I am trying, but I always get such error while deploying template with such custom resource:

Failed to get request status: ClientResponse has erroneous status code: 500 Internal Server Error.
WebClientServiceResponseException.ErrorDetails(timestamp=Wed Apr 21 08:28:50 GMT 2021, path=/vro/blueprint/blueprint-provider-request,
type=null, errorCode=0, messageKey=null, messageArguments=null, causeMessage=null) (WebClientServiceResponseException)

My steps to do this:

1. Create 'creation' and 'deletion' workflows in Orchestrator, which outputs the same custom Composite Type (creation workflow) and take an input of Composite Type (for deletion workflow). 

2. Create Custom Resource based on this workflows.

3. Add custom resource to template based on blank canvas, bind all inputs

4. Trying to deploy this template - workflow works fine and fast, but deployment hangs out for a couple of minutes - and get failed with error I provided.

I tried to use dynamic types - but I have another issue with it.

But if I use Custom Resource based on pre-existiong type such as AD:user ir something else, everything works fine.


Could you please help me?


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I'm getting this very same issue, none of the out of the box VRO workflows work, most get and error "The currently selected create workflow does not return a single instance of an SDK object type. Please select a workflow which has at least one singular (no 'Array/' prefix) SDK object type output parameter."

Then when i added what seems to be required, output VC:VirtualMachine i get the error same error as this article. it would appear my output in 'null'

any help appreciated 

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