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Send mail before approvals


I don't like the default mail of vRA (7.5). so I created a workflow which send mail.

I use "Send notification to mailing list" in order to send mail in my style and relevant info.

I have some Xaas and Blueprint requests which I configured to have an approval step.

Because I don't like the default mail named: Action Needed: Request for XXXXXX : User interaction, which are sent to user to approve the request. I want to use my workflow.

I created an 'Approval Polices' of type 'Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - Xaas Blueprint '

Add a new step named "TEST" and choose "Specific users and groups".

In custom properties I added fields for the approve user.

Then, I created a subscription event of type: Pre Approval

In condition section I choose to run: Data > Information about the request > Approval level > Approval level name Equals TEST

Finally, I asked for a new request.

The approve user received in the vRA the new request to approve, however the workflow which send the mail didn't run.

Only if I change the approval policy from "Specific user and group" to "Use event subscription" it works.

However in my send mail workflow, I need to add a user interaction object and create attributes with my fields.

If I had only one approval policy it was a good workaround, however, I have several approval policies, and it makes no sense to create for each one a new workflow.

A workflow which contains the send mail workflow and a user interaction object witch include the relevant fields for the approve user.

Finally, I just want to send my designed mail for requests which need an approve.

Any easy idea, will be appreciate.


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I don't think it's going to work that way. If you don't choose the option to send to event broker, it won't fire the workflow because it doesn't publish the event otherwise. You may need to look at altering your logic here.

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