SPBM VRA 7.3 and ESXI 6.5


I am trying to integrate SPBM with VRA 7.3 on a ESXI 6.5 platform. I followed the installation guide from  vRealize Automation and Storage Policy Based Management Framework Integration.

When I request a new Blueprint and it tries to retrieve the Storage Policies from vCenter, I get the following error on VCO logs:

-06-06 07:14:50.760] [I]

[2017-06-06 07:14:51.109] [I] REST host added:

[2017-06-06 07:14:51.163] [I]

[2017-06-06 07:14:51.469] [I] REST host added:

[2017-06-06 07:14:51.506] [I] Login into vCenter

[2017-06-06 07:14:51.509] [I] Connecting to vCenter...

[2017-06-06 07:14:54.618] [I] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenc=""





<soapenv:Fault><faultcode>ServerFaultCode</faultcode><faultstring>Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.</faultstring><detail><InvalidLoginFault xmlns="urn:vim25" xsi:type="InvalidLogin"></InvalidLoginFault></detail></soapenv:Fault>



[2017-06-06 07:14:54.666] [I] REST host removed: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class] -- VALUE : RESTHost [name=, id=7421670e-cc8b-4e8b-a9d9-426bf869978b, url=, connectionTimeout=30, operationTimeout=60, hostVerification=false, proxyHost=, proxyPort=0,, resourceId=null, privateKeyId=null]

[2017-06-06 07:14:54.718] [I] REST host removed: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class] -- VALUE : RESTHost [name=, id=dd5de81d-e57d-4d2f-bf64-655005ed33e5, url=, connectionTimeout=30, operationTimeout=60, hostVerification=false, proxyHost=, proxyPort=0,, resourceId=null, privateKeyId=null]

[2017-06-06 07:14:54.757] [E] Workflow execution stack:


item: 'Get All Storage Policies from vCenter/item8', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'Connect to the vCenter failed (Workflow:Get All Storage Policies from vCenter / Get All Storage Policy Names (item1)#35)'

workflow: 'Get All Storage Policies from vCenter' (2838d33c-a3a4-4c90-bcc0-3494c3bcd9b1)

|  'attribute': name=vcName type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=vcUrl type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=authentication type=string value=NONE

|  'attribute': name=authUserName type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=authPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=consumerKey type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=consumerSecret type=SecureString value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=accessToken type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=accessTokenSecret type=SecureString value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=connectionTimeout type=number value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=operationTimeout type=number value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=sessionMode type=string value=Shared Session

|  'attribute': name=oauth2Token type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=workstation type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=domain type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=useProxy type=boolean value=false

|  'attribute': name=proxyPort type=number value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=proxyHost type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=ignoreWarnings type=boolean value=false

|  'attribute': name=hostVerification type=boolean value=false

|  'attribute': name=key type=Configurator:Key value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=proxyAuthentication type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=proxyAuthUserName type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=proxyAuthPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

|  'attribute': name=proxySessionMode type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=vcHost type=REST:RESTHost value=dunes://'dd5de81d-e57d-4d2f-bf64-655005ed33e5'&dunesName='REST:RESTHost'

|  'attribute': name=pbmHost type=REST:RESTHost value=dunes://'7421670e-cc8b-4e8b-a9d9-426bf869978b'&dunesName='REST:RESTHost'

|  'attribute': name=pbmName type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=pbmUrl type=string value=

|  'attribute': name=errorCode type=string value=Connect to the vCenter failed (Workflow:Get All Storage Policies from vCenter / Get All Storage Policy Names (item1)#35)

|  'input': name=vcIp type=string

|  'input': name=vcUsername type=string

|  'input': name=vcPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

|  'output': name=storagePolicyNames type=Array/string value=null

|  'attribute': name=__asd_composition_blueprintId type=string value=Red8WindowsServer2016SPBM

|  'attribute': name=__blueprintId type=string value=Red8WindowsServer2016SPBM

|  'attribute': name=__asd_composition_componentId type=string value=vSphere__vCenter__Machine_1

|  'attribute': name=__requestedForUserId type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

|  'attribute': name=__tenantId type=string value=vsphere.local

|  'attribute': name=__asd_requestedBy type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

|  'attribute': name=__asd_requestedFor type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

|  'attribute': name=__asd_tenantRef type=string value=vsphere.local

|  'attribute': name=__componentId type=string value=vSphere__vCenter__Machine_1

*** End of execution stack.

Running the Workflow from the VRO Client plugin and inputing manually the vCenter Credentials, it gets all the Storage Policies successfully.

Any help will be appreciated.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello @storage_god,

Have you reached out to the support team already in regard to the issue this may be something that may need further investigation.

Sincerely, Rahul Parmar VMware Support Moderator
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hey storage_god,

Here is a good resource for help in configuring vRA 7.3 / vCenter 6.5 with the 2.1.1 SPBM plugin. We are experiencing the same issues and will be working through this to get it functional:

Enable storage policies in your blueprint – We'll Test in Prod

In the blog they quoted " I spoke to a support person at VMware and this module will NOT be updated for vRA 7.3 and is set to phase out."

Sadly, this is accurate. I talked with the product owner and confirmed just last week this is the intention. I expect they will roll out enhanced SPBM type functionality in the future.



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I tried your blog post and still no luck. It is still tries to pass the NULL when it runs the workflow.

I am sure that this is something that can be done based on this blog post:

The Scoop - vRealize Automation 7.3 - []

I just don't know how to enable that native functionality.

If I look at a VRO server without the SPBM plugin, I can see that the VCENTER registration in VRO has the policies there. However, I can not find the action or workflow that returns that so I can populate my Property.


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If you use Version, you will be confronted with any problem at 6.5.

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hu? VRO is version 7.3

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi, did you find a solution?  I'm facing the same problem here.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

The SPBM functionality was incorporated into vRA/vRO 7.3. I would suggest to use that one and NOT the standalone SPBM plug-in.
Spas Kaloferov

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