Run a command (exe, bat) in a Windows PE guest after creation using Orchestrator


I am currently using a Scriptable Task in Orchestrator to deploy a virtual machine from a template using the cloneVM Action.

After creation, I would like to start the new VM, and run a program (exe or bat) inside. My problem is that inside my VM, there is only a very lightweight Windows Preinstall environment, which does not allow for VMWareTools to install, and also it does not even have a powershell installed.

Is there any way to achieve this without VMWare tools installed? Which ways are possible? Additionally, I would like to pass a commandline argument to a program I start, which is defined during the orchestrator workflow.

Thanks for any support, feel free to ask if you need aditional information.

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Hi ErikDe

Im not familiar with the Windows PE environment, but I'm wondering if you can WinRM to it?
Or If you can get the (.bat or .exe) file onto the vm template, you can use customization spec "run once" option put the full path to the .bat file and it should run.



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