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New VM created from template gets the same IP adress of the source VM(used to create the template)

I created a "ESXi Host VM (say esxi_vm_1)" on a physical ESXi host (IP =

The virtual host had DHCP enabled and after successfully creating the VM and powering it ON, it obtained an IP address from DHCP pool (say

Now I powered OFF the "esxi_vm_1" and then "cloned to template (Name=host_vm_template)".

After the template is successfully created, I am trying to create multiple ESXi Host VMs from the template, using the below code in vsphere powercli:

for ($i=2; $i -le 5; $i++){New-VM -VMHost -Name esxi_host_$i -Template host_vm_template; start-vm esxi_host_$i}

The new VMs "esxi_host_2, esxi_host_3, esxi_host_4 and esxi_host_5" are all successfully created and started.


When I go to each of the VMs and check the network configuration,

All of these new VMs IP address is ""

Please let me know how I can avoid this and assign a new IP address from the DHCP pool for each new VM that is created.



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I think you may have posted this under the wrong discussion forum, this appears to be vsphere/ESXi question rather than vCloud Automation Center.

You might need to tell the OS to release/renew after clone, usually this is done with customization spec.

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