Managing Application MetaData in vRealize

I get that VRealize is great for deploying and tracking virtual machines.

I am also in need of an interface that will allow me to manage and manipulate application Metatdata, and I would prefer to have the folks tasked with monitoring the virtual machines and the applications just have to go to one place.

We have a collection of Desktop applications, that read registry settings or ini files, or any other manner of  storage to determine their start up configuration.  These applications were first developed in a time frame spanning from say 1985 to now.  They are still actively being sold, used, and enhanced, there is a desire to host them via RDSH, in such a manner that resources are shared rather than dedicated.  So now the startup configuration cannot be stored on the local machine, we want to point the startup process of the application to a database that will provide the application startup information based on what organization a user belongs to.

The contents of this database is what we want to be able to manage in conjunction with everything else that vRealize does.

I am a newb, in working with vRealize.  I am not new to working the PowerCLI for scripting the deployment of virtual machines, and using PowerShell Desired State Configuration to configure the deployed machines.  I am not new to developing applications that manage and manipulate the MetaData previously discussed.  I am also not new to the development of Powershell, C# or C++ applications to perform custom tasks in the windows environment.

So here is the question.  So that I can just have one place for folks to monitor and manage the environment, how do I extend the vRealize interface to accommodate the interfaces necessary to manage metadata, and possibly custom actions that need to be performed on behalf of the end users.


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