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Lifecycle Manager (vrlcm 2.1 ) - Export VM Template failed due to core dumped

Hello all,

We (my team and me) are trying to use vRLCM to distribute vRO , vRA and VM Templates over our vRealize Infrastructure.

and we are blocked with exporting VM Template.

We have tried with several different VM with all the time the same result: FAILED.

Then, I've tried to find how LCM was working and to replicate steps manually.

What I found:

On the old version: LCM -> vRO (Embedded) -> Blackstone External -> Python Script -> OVF Tools.

On the new version (2.1) LCM -> Blackstone External -> Python Script -> OVF Tools.

On both version, I've got the same error and same error message:

/opt/vmware/vlcm/blackstone/ovft/ovftool.sh -o --noImageFiles --noSSLVerify vi://administrator@vsphere.local@HOSTNAME/****/vm//VRM/templates/latest/VMTEMPLATE /data/content/vSphere-Template/0057f50b-62f2-49a4-93ec-a76aa5446216-v1/VMTEMPLATE.ovf

Enter login information for source vi://HOSTNAME/

Username: administrator%40vsphere.local

Password: ***********

Opening VI source: vi://administrator%40vsphere.local@HOSTNAME:443/****/vm//VRM/templates/latest/VMTEMPLATE

Opening OVF target: /data/content/vSphere-Template/0057f50b-62f2-49a4-93ec-a76aa5446216-v1/VMTEMPLATE.ovf

Writing OVF package: /data/content/vSphere-Template/0057f50b-62f2-49a4-93ec-a76aa5446216-v1/VMTEMPLATE.ovf

Transfer Completed

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Thus, via the Web interface, it failed,

via the command line it failed.

Is someone able to give me some solutions or way to debug the current export ?

Os Version:

NAME="VMware Photon"




PRETTY_NAME="VMware Photon/Linux"




ESXi Version:

VMware ESXi, 6.7.0, 10302608

Did someone use vRLCM to export and import Template between multiple vSphere Infrastructures ?

Thank you,

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