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I'm getting the error Connector with id 98d89669-f911-4410-b4a6-f1b349900c43 not found when I am attempting to join a domain in the default tenant in an existing vRA 7.2 install. This is using the Integrated Windows Authentication method. It was pointed out to me that we need the directory source for products like vROps, vRNI and vRLI since they all query the back end infrastructure as opposed to the Tenant workloads.

Lets call the back end domain server.local which includes all the vRealize appliances, vCenter and ESXi nodes as well as NSX, SQL and IaaS servers, and refer to all the VMs being deployed to the various Business groups dev.local. I've setup a connection to dev.local using Active Directory over LDAP, but have no connection to server.local. The instructions I'm following for the overall configuration is based off the VVD 4.0 which has the default tenant (vsphere.local) connect to a domain. The error above is what I get when I attempt to connect to the domain server.local with a domain admin account.

My question (since I've already strayed from the VVD) is, must I define the Identity source for server.local in the default tenant before attempting to configure either the LDAP or IWA methodology?

Question 2 would be, do I have to use IWA if I am only trying to verify authenticating with specific service accounts in a specific OU in server.local or is LDAP more than adequate? (My AD admin is kinda freaking over joining the domain)...

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