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Azure endpoint not showing up in vro endpoint

Hello everyone,

This is in my lab environment, when I use the embedded vRO w/ vRA 7.2, I see the Azure endpoint showing up in the dropdown list in vRA. However when I move to an external vRO, I do not see the Azure endpoint showing up in the dropdown. Why is this and how do I enable the Azure endpoint in vRA?


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I have the same issue in my environnement.

if you don't have solved your problem, this worked for me :

To get the Azure plugin in external vRO, i have activated the vco configurator in embedded vRO engine by logging in to vRA appliance and executed the following command : 

service vco-configurator start

Then, connect to https://vrA_fqdn:8283/vco-controlcenter/#/ (If the link is not working, try "https://vra_fqdn" and there is the link by clicking vRealize Orchestrator Control Center) . Once logged you will be able to download the plugin in the "manage plugins" section. The file is .dar extension. You can now stop the vco configurator using service vco-configurator stop on vRA appliance.

Now connect to your https://vro_external_fqdn:8283/vco-controlcenter/#/. You will be able to upload the plugin by clicking "browse" on the "manage plugins" section and install it. You have to restart the vRO engine. this can be done on the "Startup Options" section.

The plugin is now available on vRA appliance when you try to add vRO endpoint in the dropdown list.

I have encountered an issue at this step. The vRO workflow called by vRA is not the same ID as the workflow present in vRO external. This result in a error : Service workflow cannot be found.

 There is a way to manually update the ID of the workflow on vRA but i think i will do this for all workflows for the Azure plugin.

I am trying to update all the vro workflow IDs from vRA with Datacollection or something like this...I'm still searching a way to do so... 🙂


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