VMware AppDefense Plug-In 2.3 for Platinum Edition | Released 17 October 2019

VMware AppDefense Plug-In 2.3 for Platinum Edition | Released 17 October 2019

What's New In AppDefense Plug-In

Release Overview


This release delivers a major update to AppDefense in vCenter. Notably, this release includes OS Integrity features, Behavior

Analysis functionality, and an entire suite of vulnerability assessment capabilities. In particular, the vulnerability capabilities are

notable because they are available in vCenter only (not SaaS) and they are built specifically for the vAdmin.

Vulnerability Enumeration

AppDefense announces a full suite of capabilities around vulnerability assessment. AppDefense enumerates vulnerabilities on

vSphere components, Operating Systems, as well as the applications running on top. As processes execute, AppDefense

determines the vulnerabilities associated with that software. This feature requires outbound internet access.

Vulnerability Prioritization

In addition to enumerating the vulnerabilities in your environment, AppDefense prioritizes every vulnerability using real-time threat

information collected from sensors around the world. AppDefense ingests this feed from Kenna Security, the leader in vulnerability

prioritization, to determine the overall risk for your environment.

OS Integrity

AppDefense delivers OS Integrity and Module Integrity features to vCenter. On by default, these features prevent against major

technique categories in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, including persistence and defense evasion.

Behavior Analysis

AppDefense announces the ability to analyze network behavior on-premise. With assistance from the App Verification Cloud,

AppDefense gathers information about the network activity of known processes and determines if the behavior is trusted. This

feature requires outbound internet access but not a full SaaS subscription.

Enriched Dashboard

With this release, the AppDefense Plugin in vCenter is improved to include OS Integrity, Behavior Analysis, and Critical

Vulnerabilities. These additional "front page" widgets provide the most important information about risk in your environment in a

simple, easily consumable format. Use this page as a jumping-off point to visibility and risk information about specific virtual


Process Monitoring for Unclassified Machines

The VM Monitor view in vCenter now includes process information for all processes, including those without network activity. This

expands the Guest Monitoring capability which previously only included those processes with network connections.

Globalization Support

The AppDefense Plugin now supports 7 languages (Japanese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,

Spanish, Korean)

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