How to locate the Partner REST API Documentation

How to locate the Partner REST API Documentation

AppDefense can natively integrate with numerous third-party products for ease of administration and ingestion of alerts. What about third-party tools that we don't natively integrate with? Many admins don’t know is that there is REST API documentation available for coding integrations with other third-party applications that support REST API endpoint development. It’s real easy to obtain this documentation directly from within the AppDefense SaaS Manager.

Step 1:

Log into the AppDefense SaaS Manager using your credentials previously set up.

SaaS Login.jpg

Step 2:

Click the gear icon next to your email address in the bottom left hand corner and select, “Integrations”.

Select Integrations.jpg

Step 3:

Click the link, “Partner API Documentation”. This will download the document in PDF format for your consumption.

Select Partner API Documentation.jpg

Once downloaded you can review samples of API calls available as well as the JSON format that you can expect to receive or require for POST calls.

We hope this quick, “How To”, post helps you in your day to day administration of AppDefense and we are excited to see you integrating AppDefense with other products through our REST API.

Happy AppDefending,

The AppDefense Architect Team.

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