AppDefense log locations

AppDefense log locations

This article describes the locations where AppDefense stores the logs and can help customer to monitor and troubleshoot the AppDefense by using the AppDefense Appliance, vSphere Client, vCenter Server, AppDefense Manager, and other AppDefense components, as needed. You can collect log files using Export logs option from the appliance that can help to troubleshoot any issues with AppDefense.

If you would like to investigate any particular components logs or have them forwarded to a centralized syslog server below logs directories could be useful.

AppDefense Appliance –

  • /var/log/appdefense/


AppDefense host module –

  • Most recent logs - /var/log/glx.log
  • Rolled over logs - /var/run/log/glx.X.gz


AppDefense guest module –

  • Most recent logs - /vmfs/volumes/[datastore]/[vm_name]/vmware.log
  • Rolled over logs - /vmfs/volumes/[vm_name]/ vmware-X.log


Happy AppDefending!

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