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Scanning issues via USB redirection

Hello! Posting this in the hope someone can shed some light on this issue as ive been struggling with it for the past few weeks now! We are currently experiencing an issue with Scanners connecting via USB Redirection. (Yes, I know we should be using 'Scanner Redirection'! However this doesn’t appear to be compatible with the main scanning software we use which is Kofax)


Scenario as follows:

  1. USB Scanner is connected to host via USB and scanner is powered on

  2. The Scanner in question is usually a Fujitsu scanner (This issue is not affecting all scanners, or even all Fujitsu Scanners, but is affecting Fujitsu FI 7160 and Fujitsu FI 7180 scanners among others models and manufacturers)

  3. User logs onto Horizon desktop session

  4. USB scanner is automatically passed through successfully to the VM

  5. Once logged on, the scanner appears both as a device within 'printers and scanners' and within device manager.

However the following symptoms are then present:

  1. Upon launching our scanning software (ie. Kofax, or any of our other software that relies on Kofax) and then attempting to scan, the user receives an error 'Mini Port driver not present' or ‘no device found’

  2. If the driver is manually reinstalled within device manager with admin credentials within that session, it will then function correctly.

  3. If the scanner is not plugged in via USB to the thin client when the Horizon session is launched, and is then plugged in after a couple of minutes or so, it will occasionally work (but this is intermittent)


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